Want to blog for the Debating Society?

Get in touch! We’re always interested in getting new bloggers who wish to cover any topic.

Blogging would involve writing a short article (200-300 words) on the topic of your choice ideally once a fortnight. Blogging, like debating, allows you to express yourself and get creative with your arguments. It will provide you a great way of improving your ability to argue and look fantastic on your C.V.

A guide to blogging

The Debating Society blog contains a variety of views and opinions which do not reflect the views of the Society, nor necessarily the views of the authors. After all, debaters are trained to be able to argue a variety of views, even if they don’t believe them.

As such the blog will contain controversial ideas, but that is partly the point. Not only does it intend to provide ideas and examples for arguments but it also intends to initiate debate.

The Society will not allow blogs which contain offensive language or derogatory statements towards individuals. Arguments that need to rely upon character assasination, offensive suggestions or mockery are weak. If a blog does appear which causes offense please contact us so that we can decide whether to remove it.