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University Radio Falmer

Towards the end of last term, four debaters went up to the palatial mansion that is the URF studio to have a live debate on air, on the motion: “This house would ban the showing of Hostel-style slasher films in cinemas.” It was pretty much an excuse for us to talk about porn and people cutting off their own ankles, but we must have done something right because we have been invited to have a regular debating slot every fortnight, startingĀ  next term. If anyone would like to take part in a radio debate, please do get in touch!

For those of you who missed the Hostel debate, you can download a copy of your very own, which you can treasure and listen to every evening for the rest of your life, here.


What do you want to debate?

What do you want to debate, either in a workshop or a public debate? Here areĀ some ideas:

Abu hamza

Thw ban abortion
Thw ban state funding for religious schools
Thw arm all the police
Thb freedom of speech should be absolute
Thw legalise recreational drugs
Thb in vegetarianism
Thb China should put its environment before its economy
Thw ban the advertising of alcohol
Thw force feed anorexics
Thw legalise the sale of human organs
Thw name and shame paedophiles
Thw create state funded ghettos
Thw negotiate with terrorists
Th is full (no more immigration!)
Thw legalise animated child pornography
Th believes terrorism can be justified
Th would make voting in general elections mandatory
Th would allow women on the front line

Got any ideas? Leave a post!


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