We’re Argumental. Are you?

Wow… I didn’t see this one coming. There’s a new show on Dave, and it’s bringing debating to the masses. That’s right, some of our nation’s favourite standups (the first show features Dara O’Brien and Marcus Brigstocke, both political ranters of the highest order) are having at it, debate style. It may not beĀ  British Parliamentary, but it’s not far off either. I’d call it educational if it wasn’t so darned funny.

Honestly, the stuff John Sargeant has these guys doing is just like a good USDS Debate workshop. Quick debates off the cuff? Check. Constant switchover between prop and opp, until your head is practically spinning? Check. The only thing we’ve not done is a picture round – and in fairness it’s probably the hardest routine on the show to pull off. But is that any excuse, Mark Watson, for confusing a walrus with a mammoth..?

Motions from week 1 were, ‘Politics is a waste of time’, ‘Eating meat is wrong’, ‘Britain should be more like America’ and ‘Simon Cowell is the greatest living Englishman’ (by far the most provocative of them all). Do yourself a favour and tune in to the next show, Mondays at 9:40pm.