Get Involved

Want to start debating? Want to find out what it’s like? Want to know more? Here’s how you can:

Public Debates – The Society holds regular public debates, usually on a Tuesday at 5:00 in Arts C133. Here you can watch guest speakers debate, see what it’s like and then chat to us about forthcoming events and what the Society is like.

Training Sessions – Training sessions are different from workshops in that the emphasis will be on quick rounds, short preparation time and lots of feedback. It is an incredibly fast and effective way to improve your speaking skills in front of a small, supportive audience. Practice does indeed make perfect!

Team Tryouts – We held tryouts for new speakers to join our teams on Monday 6th October. The brief was to deliver a 5 minute speech on a topic of your choice, and once again we were very impressed by the high quality of entrants! Well done to everyone who took part, and be sure to look out for more opportunities to get involved this term.

E-mail – you can contact us at debatingsociety {at} – ask us anything.

Facebook– we have a Facebook page which is regularly updated with news. Click here.

There are also loads of other things you can do with the society once you’ve joined:

Competitive debating: Roughly every fortnight members of the society travel around the country and indeed the world to compete at debating tournaments. It’s a great way to improve your skills, meet loads of new friends, see the country and represent your university! If you’d prefer not debate and want to just watch you can still come along. We also send judges to competitions, which is a great way of seeing how debates work, improving your understanding of what’s expected and also seeing what the debating circuit is like.

Brighton Schools: We are active supporters of the ‘Debating Matters’ annual schools competition where children from around the country come to compete. You can help out by judging, not only improving your skills as a judge, but also helping kids with their debating and confidence.

Socials: The society will be holding regular socials this year, with trips into Falmer Bar for meals and drinks, along with trips further away to go bowling and to the cinema.

Get on the committee!: Every February we elect a new committee to take the society forward. By being on the committee it’s a great chance to be part of a well established, dynamic and important society and will give you so many skills and memories too!


Joining allows you to compete at national competitions without having to pay registration costs. We’ll also help subsidise travel costs. Membership also allows you to enter the Freshers Cup. At some public debates there will be free food and drink for members and when we go on socials entry to clubs will be heavily subsidised.

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