IV League

Last year the Debating Society debuted on the circuit and sent teams to a compete at number of different tournaments: UCL President’s CupBath IV, KCL Graveson Cup, Warwick IV, and Reading Open. It was a learning experience for all involved – and what goes on tour..!

We hope to double that number this year. That is why it is vitally important that we actively train our debate teams (each comprising of two people) and judges to take on the best in the country.

Our teams at the KCL Graveson Cup, 2007

Training Sessions

These are held regularly – 3pm Wednesdays and 5:30pm Fridays. Meet in Falmer Common Room. Informal additional sessions are typically organised ad-hoc in the run-up to an IV. Training sessions are different from workshops in that the emphasis will be on quick rounds, short preparation time and lots of feedback. It is an incredibly fast and effective way to improve your speaking skills in front of a small, supportive audience. Practice does indeed make perfect!

Contact us if you would like to start training, or just turn up to a session. We will be having additional team tryouts in order to make it to UCL in time – provisionally on October 6.

Autumn Term 2008/2009 IV Calendar

Oct 11 – UCL President’s Cup

The President’s Cup is one of if not the only all-novice tournaments on the UK circuit. It is an exciting opportunity for freshers to show their stuff!

The following IVs are yet to be booked:

Oct 26 – Bristol IV

Nov 03 – Imperial IV

Nov 09 – Oxford IV

Nov 16 – Cambridge IV

Nov 23 – ESU John Smith Mace

Dec 01 – Bath IV

Dec 08 – KCL Graveson Cup IV

Dec 14 – Birmingham IV

Spring Term IV Calendar

More dates soon…